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Marketing Solutions

.WorldDealer provides digital and non-digital marketing solutions to auto dealers nationwide. From dealer website design and content management…Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Video Search, Inventory ads and Video Text Links…to TV, Radio and Print production and media buying. WorldDealer’s integrated marketing approach, twenty-five years of automotive experience and industry leading customer support complete the marketing puzzle!


Non-Digital Services:

Market Research
Media Planning/Negotiating
TV, Radio, Print Production
Direct Mail/Insert & Brochure Design
POP/Logo Design/Corporate Identity
Business Card/Letterhead Design
Video Shoots
Proofing/Manufacturer Compliancy
Co-op Preparation

Digital Services:

Website Design/Hosting
Content Management
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Marketing
Email Marketing
Video Search/YouTube Channel
Flash Media & Website Display Ads
Web-Based Inventory Ads
Web Analytics
Video Test Drives
BDC Consulting/Training

Are you tired of trying to get your ad agency and your web provider on the same page? We thought so. With WorldDealer you’ll spend less time managing your advertising and more time managing yoru dealership. That’s because we streamline the process by organizing all your marketing efforts in one place. We eliminate the leg work involved in developing complete multimedia campaigns that build a strong offline and online presence. So stop wasting time and money trying to get everyone to play nice in the sandbox. Call us today and let us show you how to put the fun back in advertising! Call 866.485.8800

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