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Showroom dance a snooze for savvy shoppers

October 8, 2012

Customers who shop at your dealership are smarter than you might think. The article below, from, offers some telling information about how buyers are really using your dealership.

How do you handle comparison shopping at your dealership?

Study: Shoppers Catch on to the Showrooming Dance

You think you see a customer on the lot looking over a white sedan, checking the price and sizing up the car.
Think again.
Chances are good that they’re actually using a smartphone to compare your white sedan with a blue one across town. In fact, according to J.D. Power and Associates (JDPA), 59 percent of new car shoppers who use a smartphone to research their purchase do so at the dealership lot in order to check prices, search inventory and compare models.

They are not comparing white sedans at the same dealership. This latest trend, reported on August 15 and again on September 11, was underlined in last week’s JDPA 2012 AutoShopper Study and is yet another example of how mobile technology is changing the way people research and interact with dealerships. Indeed, the act of “showrooming” — when consumers use their smartphone or tablet to check prices and compare competitive products at a retail location — has grown from 15 percent of mobile shoppers in 2009 to 59 percent in 2012.      READ FULL ARTICLE

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