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How to be Creepily Direct

July 31, 2012

A recent Porsche advertising campaign is both impressive (32% response rate) and a little disturbing. That’s because this marketing idea sent Pfaff Porsche brand reps directly into the most trendy, upscale neighborhoods of Toronto, where they took pictures of a gorgeous Porsche – right in front of the targeted buyers’ houses. The image of the brochure then left in each person’s mail box was of their house with a Porsche parked in front, under a large banner saying “It’s closer than you think.”

It’s hard to say if this marketing tactic is taking invasive tactics a bit too far, since none of the homeowners targeted seemed offended. In fact, the percentage of those people included in the campaign who called their Porsche dealer to book a test drive after seeing the ad was unusually high. Either way, Pfaff’s marketing agency Lowe Roche has caused a stir among dealerships and marketing professionals, who are heralding this latest innovation as the first ‘instant mailing.’ What do you think of their idea?

Article info and image from   How to Make Direct Mail Even More Direct In Five Easy Steps

See also: Pfaff Porsche: Instant Direct Mail

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