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“Press This” Bookmarklet in WordPress a Helpful Content Tool

June 6, 2012

It seems appropriate to use our WordPress blog to share a helpful tip about the WordPress blogging platform, so here’s a Wednesday ‘how to’ for our readers.

We all know how important content is, and we can also all probably relate to the disorganization that comes from reading a lot of articles from all over the web each day, and then copying URLs into Word docs or archiving them them in an already-overflowing bookmarks tab so we have them stored somewhere to write about later. Of course this isn’t the most helpful way of logging interesting content, but you don’t want to lose it altogether and you’re too busy to be bothered making folders or writing a new post each time you think of one.

This might make your life a little simpler: skip the copy paste nonsense and instead grab the “Press This” bookmarklet from WordPress. It fits right onto your browser bar, and when you are visiting a site you like, just click “Press This” and WordPress will take the article and load it into a new post. You can write a few notes to yourself, save the draft, and come back to finalize it later — without letting it get lost in the shuffle of virtual paper surfing around you computer.

To get Press This, log into your WordPress account, go to your dashboard, and look down the left hand column until you see the “Settings” tab at the bottom. Hover over Settings and select “Writing,” the second option from the top.

You’ll see a little description, and when you click and hold the “Press This” icon, you can drag it directly up to your toolbar.

And that’s it! Visit your favorite websites, gather as many articles as you like, and find them all in your WordPress account for you to publish on your own time.

DrivingSales has a great little tutorial video if you’re a visual learner. Check out the link here.


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