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Tablets Are Making Their Mark On the Business World

April 6, 2012

Tablets are no longer just for personal use. Like other technology before them, these handy, lightweight devices are storming into the workplace in full force. A recent article on Clickz explains their growth and offers some insight into their popularity. The excerpt below is particularly important:

Tablets Transform Behaviors Both at Home and at Work

  |  April 4, 2012 

“…. A January study by IDG documented the rise of tablet devices in the workplace with some astounding stats. This global study found, in part “A relatively high proportion of professionals in North America say that they ‘always’ use their iPad for web browsing (87%), work communication (67%) and personal communication (63%). Fewer North American respondents find themselves using their iPad as a substitute for TV and DVD players than in other regions.”

Tablets are replacing bulkier computers for myriad tasks each day. In particular, the author lists 5 top reasons why he uses his tablet each day:

1. Speedy boot allows for productivity in small-time windows.

2. Ultimate portability

3. Covers most business uses.

4. Desktop third screen.

5. Small meeting presentation alternative to projectors.

While it seems unlikely that computers will go out of style in the near future, it also seems likely that Tablets will increasingly take the place of their weightier, slower counterparts for daily use on the go, in presentations, and for easy internet and email access at work. Of course, along with the climbing percentage of Tablet users comes a new set of challenges and security considerations, such as: stolen or lost devices that hold private information; networking or security issues in a networked & vulnerable business environment.

Read the full article on for all the details on the pros and cons of the Tablet’s use in the business world today.

Do you have a tablet? And if so, how do you use it?

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