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Do you YouTube? You should.

October 28, 2011

This week: a short and to-the-point article from Dealer Elite on the subject of visual marketing for dealerships.

If your dealership does not have a YouTube channel yet, you are missing out on a valuable outlet to reach fans, entice potential clients, and get some good information about your brand out to the masses. Furthermore, your YouTube-less dealership is being outdone by any number of other dealerships who are taking advantage of this free service service for everything from educational interviews to engaging advertising.

As author Ali Amirrezvani explains, there are four main reasons why you should have a Youtube account for your dealership: Popularity, Cost, Timing,  Blended Search.

We at WorldDealer believe that traditional and digital marketing strategies must work together to create a successful dealership marketing campaign. One of the digital services we offer is the creation of custom videos for our automotive clients to help get their audience enthusiastic about their brand. YouTube is a free and effective outlet to share these videos – if you haven’t done so yet, we encourage you to sign up your dealership now!

Check out the article below, from, and view it on their site here.

Why Your Auto Dealership Should Have a YouTube Channel

Having videos on your auto dealer website has been shown to increase website leads, and when done with video search engine optimization (VSEO), helping your site climb the search engine result pages.  If your dealership has videos on your website, you should have those videos uploaded to your own dealership YouTube channel.

Here’s why:

Popularity: YouTube is the world’s largest video search engine (and the second largest search engine) and growing every single day.  People all over the world use it to find videos, so if someone searches for a vehicle that your dealership sells, don’t you want a video from your dealership to show up?

Timing: Like most search engines, YouTube tends to give older entries a little extra edge when returning search results.  The sooner you create your channel and upload videos, the better.

Cost: YouTube is free.  Aside from the time cost of uploading (though it’s possible your auto dealer website or video provider will do this for you), YouTube has no financial cost.  This means you get all of this exposure without an additional marketing cost.

Blended Search: Google, Bing and Yahoo are integrating mixed media (images, news, videos, etc) into their search engine result pages, so having your VSEO dealership videos on a separate domain can provide an additional link on Google’s results page for any search relevant to your dealership brand or your inventory.

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