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Hone the be-Back Process

September 22, 2011

Great article from Automotive Social Media Marketing – how to makesure you get customers coming back to the dealership. This is an issue that’s old as dirt, but a new twist is added in our digital age, where there is more to generating leads and landing clients than calling them on the phone. Take a look at the excerpts below, and follow the link to view the full article.

Create the Be-Back

Picture this…you are a sales consultant working at a dealership.  You have gone through all of the steps and you are going through the negotiation process.  After all is said and done the customer decides that it is time to leave and a deal cannot be made.  It got down to the customer not being satisfied with the trade or the deal that is being offered to them.

Does this sound familiar?  It should.  This is what we deal with the most in our business if we are not making deals.  There are many reasons why customers end up not making a deal on the spot.  In some cases, sales consultants or BDC reps end up trying to get the customer to come back.  In other cases, the customer leaves and never gets contacted again.  This all depends on how the dealership is structured with process, CRM, and management styles.

It is all about process, process, process, process, and you guessed it PROCESS!!!  Along with process comes the training on handling these opportunities.  Along with the process and handling these opportunities comes effective communication between sales and BDC departments in order to have effective follow up.

Read the full article from From Automotive Social Media Marketing

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